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Laser treatments

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Zeit & Kosten

Cheeks / Dekolleté
Duration 1h 30 min.
Costs 418,00 €
Entire face
Duration 1h 30 min.
Costs 708,00 €
Location Studio 1160

Goodbye Pigmentation & Scars

Pigmentation, scars, laser, 3-5 treatments

Laser treatment for pigmentation

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Laser treatment for scars

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  1. Consultation – Individual VISIA skin analysis to identify wrinkles, scars or pigmentation and to determine the perfect treatment combination for you.
  2. Preparation – We apply a slightly numbing gel, leave it on and cover your eyes.
  3. Laser treatment – Depending on the skin type and treatment goal, we work with an IPL, diode, infrared or cobra laser.
  4. Care – The treated area is cared for with a specially tailored cream, which we also recommend as care for at home.

Good to know

Before the treatment

  • Protect area to be treated from direct sun for 1 month
  • No antibiotics, Ziskutan or other tablets for the skin for 1 month
  • If possible, avoid tanned skin
  • No moisturizer or care on the day of the treatment
  • No peelings or cures with vitamin A, E or C

After the treatment

  • No downtime
  • The skin is a little red, like after a light sunburn
  • No direct sun
  • No creams or sunscreens that contain vitamins A, E and C
  • No makeup for 4-7 days

Technologies used

VISIA facial analysis

IPL, diode, or cobra laser


Scars and pigment spots are significantly lighter or even disappeared after 3-5 sessions.

The body’s own healing process is stimulated.

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