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Lifestyle DNA-Analysis

Beauty, performance enhancement, nutrition and weight loss individually according to your genes!

For a stress-free approach to healthy eating, weight reduction, skincare or medical concerns. The personalized analysis results promote vitality and performance enhancement and simplify your everyday life.

Increase your well-being with 360 degree all-around care!

How does it work?

1. Select and order your analysis of choice in our store.

2. Receive your STARTER-SET.

3. Provide saliva sample from the comfort of your home.

4. Return the sample and wait for your results!

After approximately 2 weeks you will receive your personal result as desired via PDF or as a bound book.

„I have done the test myself and I am CONVINCED! Now I know exactly how to increase my physical performance with the right products. Finally I know what was to blame for my constant fatigue! Now I shine from the inside and out.“
Rodica Popa - Founder of Real Beauty
  • Most comprehensive DNA analysis on the market
  • Quality product from Austria
  • Life long results


from € 399,00

  • Learn how fast your skin really ages
  • Provides information about the optimal supply of nutrients for your skin

With the help of a simple saliva sample, the genetic condition of your cells is recorded and determined with which treatments the biological aging of the skin can be individually counteracted.


from € 399,00

  • In contrast to other analyses, not only one type (e.g. protein type) is determined
  • You learn which of about 1000 foods are optimal for your body
  • Clarity which foods, snacks and dishes will genetically lead you to your desired weight

In addition, there is also the possibility to order a personalized cookbook for you.


from € 399,00

  • Find out where your athletic talents really lie, which strength-endurance combination works best for you and which foods make your genes perform at their best
  • Provides information about which sports suit you best

A simple saliva test determines your optimal foods, vitamins and minerals that will help you exceed your personal athletic goals.

Beyond DNA Test Kid


from € 699,00

Includes the following evaluations:

  • Nutrition by genes|Beyond DNA Nutrition
  • Weight loss by genes|Beyond DNA Weight
  • Parts from Sport according to genes|Beyond DNA Fitness

Bonus: 1x metabolism analysis

beyond dan premium life & beauty


from € 799,00

Includes the following evaluations::

  • Diet according to genes|Beyond DNA Nutrition
  • Weight loss according to genes|Beyond DNA Weight
  • Beauty by genes|Beyond DNA Beauty
  • Parts from Sport according to genes|Beyond DNA Fitness

Bonus: 1x metabolism analysis

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