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Real Talk: Why laser hair removal is not working for you!

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That's how it works!

Laser devices localize the hair root through the melanin contained in the hair. This allows the hair root to be destroyed in a targeted manner that is gentle on the skin. That means: The more melanin is contained in the hair, the better the laser therapy works.

Blond, red or gray hair only contains a very small amount of melanin, thus the success of laser therapy can never be accurately predicted here. Our laser specialists therefore always advise our clients individually and realistically on their chances of success.

Which laser is right for me?

The skin type also plays an important role in laser hair removal! Heavily tanned skin and darker skin tones cannot be treated with every laser. That is why at Real Beauty we use the ND:YAG or diode laser for our clients with darker skin tones. Here, the melanin can be targeted at the desired depth without the laser beams reacting to the pigment in the skin.

Challenges for laser hair removal

Hormones influence hair growth. Therefore, hormone-containing medications or strong hormone fluctuations, such as during pregnancy, can cause hair to grow back again, despite a successful laser therapy. Hormonal IUDs, antidepressants and thyroid medications can also have a negative effect on laser therapy.

In addition, consistency also plays an important role in the success of the treatment. If the intervals of 4-6 weeks between sessions are under or exceeded, the results may be worse.

We love safety!

That’s why we don’t offer laser hair removal in certain cases:


  • Treatment while taking Ciscutan, cortisone, antibiotics, Penzlin or vitamin D cures
  • Treatment while pregnancy, due to a lack of research
  • Treatment over protruding birthmarks
  • Treatment over tattooed skin and permanent makeup
  • Cancer patients (Exception: Approval by the doctor)

The Real Beauty laser philosophy

At Real Beauty we therefore focus on a detailed and honest consultation, as well as an individually designed hair removal journey.

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