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Summer, Sun, Skincare

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Summer stands for sunkissed and glowy skin, but people often forget that heat, UV radiation and free radicals also pose special challenges for the skin during summer.

Skin Challenges

The biggest challenge for the skin in summer is UV radiation. If the skin is not adequately protected, UV rays can penetrate deep into the skin and affect the body’s collagen production. This causes the skin to age much faster.

Another skin challenge is the heat. The hotter it gets, the more you sweat. This in turn makes it easier for bacteria, fungi and other pathogens to develop and settle in the skin. In addition, the sebum production of the skin in the body increases, which makes the skin greasier and can lead to more impurities.

Chlorine, salt water, strong sunlight and increased showering can also dry out and crack the skin, making it even easier for bacteria, free radicals and UV radiation to damage it.

Get that summer skin!

For radiantly beautiful skin in summer, the right skincare is key. Cleansing and hydration are particularly important here.

You should add professional facials to your skin care routine during summer, as these can cleanse and renew your skin from the depths much better than any skincare routine. In summer you should keep your facials cool and never forget to hydrate!

Especially suitable are treatments that first cleanse the skin from the depths and then extensively hydrate it. Our favorite treatments for this are Hydrafacials and the JetPeel. In both facial treatments, the skin is first extensively cleansed and freed from dead skin cells and then hydrated from the depths with nourishing ingredients.

Hydrate yourself!

The Hydrafacial treatment consists of a superficial cleansing, an antibacterial acid peeling, deep cleansing and the introduction of nutrients by means of the Vortex attachment used. This combination protects the skin from bacteria and is effective against impurities.

Refresh yourself!

With JetPeel, the skin is cleansed with a water-air mixture and freed from dead skin cells and environmental influences. Subsequently, the skin is also provided with nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. The special thing about JetPeel is that the composition of the care is individually tailored to the needs of the customer, which makes the treatment even more effective! In summer, we especially recommend integrating vitamin C into the care, as this supports the skin barrier. In addition, the JetPeel is pleasantly cool and thus the perfect refreshment in the summer.

Get that boost!

For particularly dry skin, skin boosters are also an effective way to replenish the skin. Restylane’s Skinboosters are specially designed for deep hydration of the skin. During the treatment, hydrating deposits of hyaluronic acid are injected into the skin, hydrating and revitalizing the skin from the inside out and helping it to retain more moisture again.

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