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Our Clear Face-Treatments

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Zeit & Kosten

depending on the chosen treatment 90,00€ to 250,00€
70 min. to 90 min.

We want your trust

True beauty is not superficial. Neither are our treatments. With us you experience how beauty treatments should be – targeted, relaxed and lasting. With our treatments, you can rely on the most innovative technologies in apparative cosmetics and qualified know-how. Using our VISIA facial analysis, we are able to create a skin journey that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

So either book a desired facial treatment or let us accompany you on your way to a healthy and clear skin on the basis of a skin journey.

This is what you get from us:
  • Individual advice and answers to all your questions
  • A welcome tea or coffee
  • The most innovative technologies in apparative cosmetics (Hydrafacial, JetPeel, Carbon Peeling and many more)
  • Education about the active ingredients used and their purpose and effects
  • When booking a VISIA: Exact analysis of your facial skin down to the depths of your skin layers + a skin journey individually tailored to your needs (consisting of 5 treatments)
  • An experience that you want to indulge yourself  in again and again

Our RealCare team is also happy to be answer your questions on the phone!

Our Clear Face-Treatments

  • work against deep impurities and enlarged pores
  • help with acne and inflamed skin

Clear Face-Glow (only in Studio 1160) – 199,00€

Carbon-Peeling (also known as Hollywood peeling) & Hydrocare


  • A deeply cleansed skin and a beautiful glow
  • Stimulates the regeneration of hylauron, elastin & collagen
  • More elasticity and resilience
  • Counteracts combination skin in the long term

Clear Face-Boost (Studio 1160 & 1010) – 249,00€

Carbon-Peeling (also known as Hollywood-Peeling) & Hydrafacial


  • A deeply cleansed and detoxified skin
  • Even and healthy complexion
  • Supply of nutrients and moisture
  • Restoring the skin’s natural balance

Clear Face-SOS (Studio 1160 & 1010) – 249,00€

Carbon-Peeling (also known as Hollywood-Peeling) & JetPeel


  • Removal of deep-seated impurities without permanent scars
  • Stimulating natural collagen formation
  • Against acne scars and wrinkles
  • Cleaner complexion, even with severely inflamed skin
  • Supply with disinfecting active substances, vitamins and moisture

Carbon peeling (also known as Hollywood peeling): The carbon particles get into your pores and combine with the sebum and deposits. Using the ruby laser, these particles are made to explode and your pores are cleaned in depth.

Hydrocare: We use a special handpiece that introduces highly effective active ingredients into your skin using vacuum and oxygen. (A light treatment that is also suitable for pregnant women)

Hydrafacial: The Vortex head injects highly effective, concentrated serums into your skin, while the blade edges exfoliate dead skin cells and deep-cleanse pores.

JetPeel: Using a special handpiece, care substances are hydroporated deep into the pores of your skin at 720 km/h.

What our customers say:

“My cosmetician and basically the whole team are very courteous and do their best to make you feel comfortable. I can warmly recommend the studio and especially the team behind it!” Bozica B. from Shore

“The location is the absolute highlight! The visit is worth it for the aesthetics of the interior alone. 😀 Absolute feel-good atmosphere. As soon as you walk in you feel very comfortable and like a VIP, especially because the staff is super nice, friendly and courteous. The Treatments are great! A lot of time is taken and the before and after effects are clearly visible. Cleanliness and hygiene in particular are great. For me the best salon in all of Vienna!!” Britta Tess from Google

“I come to Real Beauty from Wolfsberg in Carinthia. The employees are so nice and courteous. I will have many more treatments done there :)” Lisa Marie B. from Shore

“The team is super friendly and very competent!! The salon is very modern, you feel like you’re in Hollywood! The treatments are very high-tech, but the result is impressive!” Marina Mia Pena from Facebook

Were we able to convince you? Then we look forward to your appointment 🌸


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