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What Lifestyle DNA Analyses are all about!

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Lifestyle DNA analyses are a super exciting way to get to know yourself and your body even better! Using saliva samples, countless aspects of a person’s DNA can be analyzed. At Real Beauty, we focus on three areas: beauty, weight, and performance enhancement.

What's your age again?

The condition of the skin is not only influenced by lifestyle and proper care but also depends heavily on genes. While some people have the predisposition to age particularly slowly and have very insensitive skin, this is different for other people.

So, the more you know about the genetic predispositions you inherited, the better you can adapt your personal routines and support your skin optimally to stay healthy and youthful!


  • Find out your biological age
  • Learn how quickly your body breaks down and produces collagen
  • Learn how well your skin retains moisture
  • Provides information on which treatments are optimal for your skin

Eat personalized!

The right nutrition is as individual as our genes. Therefore, classic diets and nutritional approaches are not effective methods to achieve your personal feel-good weight.

Here, the Lifestyle DNA analysis is a real game changer! Beyond DNA experts analyze, based on the saliva sample, which of about 1000 foods are optimal for your own body. This allows you to optimize your nutrition easily and effectively, without the hassle of dieting!


  • Genetic metabolism analysis
  • Personal nutrition profile

How to be your best self!

Physical fitness and well-being are also influenced by genes. The DNA defines the structure of our muscle fibers. This means that each body reacts differently to different types of training, as well as strength and endurance sports. A Lifestyle DNA analysis can determine what type of sport is the most effective for your body and which training routines will bring you to your goals the fastest!

In addition to physical fitness, a healthy and individually adapted diet also plays an important role. The Lifestyle DNA analysis analyzes which foods are best suited for your personal diet, in order for you to meet your bodies needs and feel even better.


  • Performance enhancement
  • Structure of muscle fibers
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Optimal nutrition

Learn more about yourself!

Do you want to know more about your DNA? We’ll accompany you on your journey to an even more individualized lifestyle!

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